Corporate Social Responsibility 

blood donation camp

As a part of Corporate Social Responsibility, LPCPS has organized a blood donation camp today at its own campus and a number of people turned up for the cause. Donating blood only enhances the blood development process of the body and metabolism work more fluently. Be a donor and always be a saviour whenever you get a chance to do.

LPCPS Students @ Old age home

"Old age is like climbing a mountain, you climb from ledge to ledge, the higher you get, the more tired and breathless you become, but your views become more extensive." With this, we the LPCPS family were obliged to bring a smile on hundreds of faces through the donation drive. The donation drive was an initiative by the students of LPCPS as a tribute and honour to their teachers on the occassion of Teacher's Day. Faculty and students both were successful in carrying out the donation drive at an "Missionaries of charity" old age home, where we gifted some daily need stuff to the people. It was a heart touching moment to see 100 smiles at one time. Picture Credit - Aman Anand Caption Credit- Aditri Upadhyay

LPCPS pay tribute to Sargical Strike Hero's

Everyone in this world lives, our soldiers have always known only to survive. We, at LPCPS, took out time to address to our students the importance of our soldiers and that they shouldn't ever go out of our hearts and souls. We brought back the pride of the Surgical Strike, bringing to our eyes the shine and glory of our soldiers. Here's a look at the importance of the pride-filled day. Let's not only respect but also celebrate our heroes, forever. Caption Credit: Tanya Srivastava Photographer: Rajat Tripathi

Nukkad Natak Performed by Drama Club

On the day of International Day of the Girl Child, 2019, our Drama Club's Nukkad Team brought out to the world, the immediate need of ceasing dowry as a tradition. With the students being a part of the play in all entirety, a whole lot was awakened about the dreadfulness of dowry and the consequences that girls have faced for long and are still facing. Because, it is the girl that becomes a woman and it is with the Women that we live. Without them, we'll fail to exist. Photographer : Rajat Tripathi Caption Credits : Tanya Srivastava

Organ Donation Awareness Program

“Give yourself and those in need an elixir of life by pledging your organs!” LPCPS organised Organ Donation Awareness Program on 23rd October, 2019. The spectators were made aware of the importance of organ donation. Chief Guest of the Seminar were- Dr. Rukhsana Khan- Chairperson of WDW IMA, UP. Dr. Manisha Agarwal- Founder Director of Sakriti Foundation and HOD of Obs & Gynae at Hind Institute of Medical Sciences, Lucknow. Dr.Rahul, Incharge of KGMU UP Community Eye Bank. Photo Credit: Chandan Manglani Hrithik Sahu Caption Credit: Simran Krishnan

Blood Donation Camp

GIVE BLOOD GIFT LIFE LPCPS organized the Blood Donation Camp on 14th December 2019


It is seldom that we give and often that we take. So, it is seldom that we receive complete joy. We, at LPCPS, took yet another initiative to give these poor our old clothes and named it 'ARPAN' for the gesture it carried. And, it is there we felt joy in its complete entirety and respect. 💝 ⚡️⚡️

LPCPS Students @ Old age home to Celebrate New Year

It's with them what we are, so why not give them what they deserve? We, at LPCPS, started the new year by visiting an Old Age Home and giving them the love they made our hearts contain. We danced ✨✨ to their cheerful thump and sang along with their heartbeat's rhythm.🎶 Here's a glimpse into the New Year Celebration 2020 ♥️ with the ones who made us come to this decade:

Honourable Manager Sir Contributed in CM relief Fund

Dr.S P Singh Honourable Founder Manager Lucknow Public Schools & Colleges, presenting a cheque of Rs.21,00,000/=(Twenty one lakh) for chief minister relief fund to fight against coronavirus epidemic through Shri Avaneesh Awasthi Additional Chief secretary home.

LPCPS organized "ARPAN"

‘ARPAN’- an initiative by the institute to help the impoverished and bring joy to their lives.✨ LPCPS distributed clothes, eatables and shared happiness with the people in need 24 Dec 2021. An attempt from our end to reduce the difficulties they face in day to day life.